Opportunities for Students

The Stewart Fellows Overseas Externship Program

The Stewart Fellows Overseas Externship Program, the law school’s fellowship in support of academic externships which send students abroad during the summer, announces two upcoming application periods: October 17 – October 28, 2016, for placements in Argentina, Brazil, Thailand and Vietnam; and January 9 – 27, 2017, for placements in China, India, Japan and South Korea.

About the program

The fellowship program is administered through the Milt & Judi Stewart Center on the Global Legal Profession at Maurer School of Law. Students applying for the fellowship receive full funding in support of an international externship with a program partner and academic credit. Depending on the partner requirements, the externship period is five, six, eight, ten or twelve weeks.

Stewart Fellows earn 4 credits – B513-Global Externship (3 credits) and B706-Research (1 credit). Fellows must participate in pre-departure and re-entry orientation sessions, submit weekly reports throughout the externship period, and provide a reflective essay upon return to the United States.

Stewart Fellows are expected to do their jobs professionally and well, learn as much as possible about the law and culture in the country of placement, and serve as excellent ambassadors for Indiana University Maurer School of Law and the Stewart Fellows Overseas Externship Program.

How to apply

To apply, please submit a cover letter and current resume that includes your IU email address and local/Bloomington contact information. Please be sure that the cover letter includes the following:

  1. Explain why you are interested in being a Stewart Fellow, what you hope to gain from the experience, and why you are interested in and qualified for a particular placement.
  2. State your level of fluency in any languages other than your native language. Please refer to the levels of fluency as described by the Interagency Language Roundtable, or ILR (en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ILR_scale).
  3. List any study or travel abroad experience you have had (e.g., semester abroad, Ecuador, Spring 2014; summer abroad, Madrid, May-July 2015).

Application materials should be emailed as PDF attachments to the Center, cglp@indiana.edu.

The timeline

Qualified applicants will be invited to take part in interviews, with first-round interviews taking place within one week after the application period closes. Second-round interviews are with the faculty advisor. Contingency offers depend on the program partner’s approval of finalists.

Along with semester- and academic-year exchange programs and other academic partnerships, the Stewart Fellows Overseas Externship Program is part of the law school’s wealth of international programs. During the spring semester, all Stewart Fellows will participate in pre-departure orientation with other students going abroad for exchange programs. Additionally, travel planning begins immediately after Spring Break, and country-specific orientation with faculty advisors takes place early April to mid-May, depending on travel dates.

Qualifications and requirements

Program partners

Partners represent both the private sector and NGOs. In previous summers, program partners have included a variety of placements (see below). We anticipate that the number and type of placements for 2017 will be similarly robust.

Study Abroad Exchanges

In addition, the Center works closely with Indiana Law's Office of International Programs to place students in study abroad exchanges. Options for foreign study include programs in France, Spain, Poland, Germany, Brazil, India, Ireland, New Zealand, and China.